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Year round paradise here in Antigua and Barbuda

One of the many questions guests ask us when they arrive (when they quickly learn that I am not originally from Antigua!) is “where do you go in the summer?”.  That’s a curious question because people assume that we leave the island and live somewhere else.  That’s not to say if someone offered me a penthouse in Manhattan or a condo in Colorado that I wouldn’t jump at it, but we do actually charter right up to the first few days of August each year, and then open again October 1.

We love the summer here.  From a sailing perspective, the weather continues to be wonderful – right now we have 10 to 15 knots, bright sunshine, and if my temperature gauge did not deceive me yesterday, it reached a heady 100 degrees in the sun.  Perfect for swimming but don’t forget your sunscreen!

It’s certainly not a crowded time of year for sailors:

Uncrowded Antigua and Barbuda – summer sailing

For those looking for nightlife and action at every anchorage, you won’t find casino’s and nightclubs, but you will, in most anchorages, find a nice restaurant where the welcome is as warm as the sun and the beer suitably cold.  Whether you choose bareboat or a crewed charter, you can decide how many nights you want to dine onboard.

Summer is also a good time to Learn to Sail – the winds are typically lighter than our traditional high season and the marina’s are uncrowded so you can practice your docking skills in peace.  Perhaps consider taking your ASA (American Sailing Association) certification next year with us.

Learn to sail in the summer and enjoy peaceful marinas in Antigua

Our seasons’ pricing reflects the popularity of our sailing destination – we have four seasons here in Antigua so do take a look and see which feels right for you.  

West coast Antigua beach
South coast Antigua beach
West coast Antigua beach

There are so many beaches to choose from that you wont’ be disappointed – each one more pretty than the last.  A yacht charter of up to 10 days in Antigua will have you visiting a different beach each day.  Who could resist these?

Our sample sailing itineraries will give you a flavour of what you can experience when you book a sailing holiday here in Antigua and Barbuda.  Take a look if you get a moment….

Capture Antiguan sunsets on charter

Different seasons bring different weather and cloud formations, which make for some great sunset shots.  We took these just two nights ago:

Stunning sunsets during your sailing holiday

As for us, we are counting down the days until we welcome our first guests for our new season, in just two weeks time.