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Why sail Antigua in the Caribbean this October? We say, why not?!

I’m quite often asked by guests how is the sailing in Antigua & Barbuda during October.  My answer is always the same; blissfully peaceful.  Having spent some time travelling this Summer:  Hong Kong, Australia, UK and Singapore, I am constantly drawn back to Antigua for the complete laid-back pace of life and quiet-ness.  It is such a contrast to the fast pace of life on other Continents that when we travel overseas, our eyes are not big enough to take in the people, the lights and the energy that simply reverberates from person to person.

To give you an example of an October anchorage, the photograph below is typical of the closest anchorage to our base here in Jolly Harbour.  Quite often, guests arrive anxious and stressed, having worked hard all year to have the vacation and then to have the stress that airline travel brings!  This anchorage is a possible overnight anchorage for your first night of slow down:

From here, you could either sail north or south, the choice is yours.  If you head north, you might find yourself in the North Sound of Antigua.  Plan to eat on board as there aren’t any restaurants in this part of the island.  Take a look:

 North Sound area of Antigua

From here, you might decide to visit the sister island to Antigua:  Barbuda.  Many people have written about this island because it is so totally unspoilt and the colour of the water will take your breath away.  I took this photograph below during a busy Easter, can you believe?!

There’s something very magical about Barbuda that draws you back.  You have a choice of two delightful overnight anchorages; one of which is 11 miles of unbroken white sand beach.  It’s hard to capture that in a photograph:

A trip up to Barbuda (just 25nm) would not be complete with a call into our man Goldilocks to arrange for some fresh lobster.  Goldilocks is so accommodating that he will even give you top tips on how to prepare and cook your lobster.  Remember the lemon from Antigua as there is only one store on Barbuda, and that is a water-taxi ride across the lagoon!

There are so many peaceful anchorages when you sail Antigua & Barbuda, that I hope we have given you a flavour of just a few that are special to us.

Sailing the islands of Antigua & Barbuda during October is very good for you and your soul… at the end of a day of sailing, swimming, snorkelling, exploring or just good old book reading, it’s a reward in itself to enjoy a rum on ice and the perfect sunset.

See you here!