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Welcome to our world of sailing in Antigua & Barbuda!

Welcome to our very first blog post on our very first blog site for Horizon in Antigua.  Through this blog site, we will be sharing with you what it is like to sail these pristine waters – whether you are new to sailing or have tons of sailing experience.  That’s the beauty of this sailing area; there is something for everyone.  I am going to kick off with a few pictures (really to practice uploading!) that highlight the sailing area.  So here goes with the upload:

OK, so far so good.  I am going to start our tour of Antigua & Barbuda with our home base.  This is Jolly Harbour Marina.  A great Russian client of ours came two years ago and bought with him Russian TV and official photographers.  The official photographer took this great shot of the Marina just as the sun had gone down.  So I can’t take any credit for this photograph.  The Marina is a great place to start your cruise or your sailing course; whatever it is you are up to.  Why so great?  Restaurants, bars, large supermarket, banks, art shops and just a 10 minute walk to a beach that stretches for 1 mile.  I’m going to practice another upload and  show you the beach that is closest to your boat – should you choose to charter with us:

We are fortunate to live a few minutes walk from this beach and it makes a great sunset location for walking and remembering why you live here and why so many people visit the island.  The next post will be talking about the Horizon team here in Antigua; so if you do decide to come sailing here with us, you will know exactly who’s who.  I might even try and upload a video – is there no end to my talent!