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Unprecedented increase in sailors enjoying our November sunshine

Well, the word seems to be spreading!  We have seen an unprecedented increase in sailors of all shapes and sizes chartering with us from our base in Jolly Harbour.  Head to Antigua in November for that perfect blend of trade winds, sunshine and beach after beach, after beach!  Why is Antigua proving so popular this Thanksgiving?

Many of our guests tell us it’s because the beaches are so beautiful.   Others say it’s because there are no crowds.  You don’t need to rush to an anchorage in order to get your perfect spot.  Quite often, you may be just one of a handful of yachts bobbing around in perfect conditions.

Deserted beach in Antigua with sailboat in the distance.

Deserted beaches of Antigua.

It’s not glitzy here, no major casino’s or nightclubs.  No hotel chains.  It really is a tranquil place that has it’s roots firmly in all things nautical.  We think that this unique naval heritage makes us special.  In fact, Nelson’s Dockyard has just been awarded a world heritage site by UNESCO.  This is such a thrill but in typical Antiguan style – laid back and gentle – you won’t see this pushed out in all kinds of PR and fanfare.

It’s this gentle pace of sailing Antigua that can really soothe the soul.  Our lives are busy and we try and juggle everything on our plate – dropping some plates as we go.  A sailing vacation in Antigua is the perfect antidote; like a good yoga session, you feel ever so slightly different afterwards but can’t quite put your finger on why.  Welcome to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.