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So, what do you want to know?

As a charter business with our feet firmly routed in Antiguan soil/sand/floor tiles, we are always asked plenty of questions by guests and budding guests before they arrive for their charter.  I suppose it is because we are in the heart of the action and live and breathe this sailing destination.

We get back to guests quickly because we know the frustration of emailing hotels or restaurants, for example, and getting diddly-nothing back.  How does that work?!  Perhaps their customer service person is paid whatever they do so its easy to delete emails and pretend they never arrived – I honestly can not think of another reason why I would not get a reply that could generate business.

Of course, we could simply direct people to our FAQ section on the website but each person who sails with us probably has their top 5 questions that THEY would like answered, not anyone else’s questions.

Having looked after so many people in the last 8 years, I can reveal to you my personal Top 5….

What time does the supermarket stay open to? {This really gets number one position)

Can I leave the dock early? (That is an all-time favourite! Why, I don’t know, as there are plenty of bars and restaurants here but then, that’s just me!)

Can I bring in my own frozen food? 

How long have you lived in Antigua? (And why not! Closely followed by “Whereabouts in Australia are you from?… er…. London)

Where can I get fresh fish? (Don’t even think about trying to get this beauty on the yacht’s BBQ!)

It is interesting that I get very few what I would classify as “sailing” questions.  Perhaps that is because our guests have diligently reviewed the sailing area, asked their own friends, and applied their own learning strategies before they actually decide to sail Antigua and the Leeward Islands.  All credit to them.  But if you have questions, or anxieties, or whatever, just ask.

So, what would be your Top 5 questions? Drop me an email at [email protected] and test our 24 hour response time.  If you don’t hear back, it’s probably because I’m at the supermarket waiting in line to buy fish!