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Sailing Antigua’s North Sound Marine Park with Horizon

Blue Caribbean Sea with offshore islands of Antigua

Antigua’s offshore islands are a sailor’s dream

Sailing into Antigua’s North Sound is a very special experience for our charter guests.  It’s like the sailing area that time forgot!  You really feel like you are in a wildlife residence and you are the welcome visitor.

The North Sound is located around the north of the Caribbean island of Antigua.  It is protected by a reef and a myriad of offshore, uninhabited (by people) islands.  To sail there on a Horizon bareboat charter, you would typically leave either Deep Bay or Dickenson Bay on the north west coast of Antigua and then make your way north and east.  It’s a haven for wildlife and also for sailors!  It’s incredibly peaceful; and feels like a hush has gone over the whole area.

The overnight anchorage is near the island of Great Bird.  Drop your anchor and dinghy to Great Bird Island for a short hike up to the top.  Remember to take your camera!  On one side you will have the beautiful Caribbean and on the other, the Atlantic Ocean.  The whole area is great for snorkeling;  turtles, sting rays, eagle rays, schoals of fish – a feast for the eyes!  In the evening, watch  a wonderful sunset as you BBQ and later enjoy an immense, star filled sky.

The North Sound is also home to Long Island which is a rather exclusive, private island full of the rich and famous.  That doesn’t stop you anchoring off Long Island and enjoying the crystal clear water.  You may not own a million dollar home, but you get to snorkel in the same Caribbean sea!  We hope you enjoy this special sailing area as much as we do.


Seagulls in flight over the blue Caribbean sea

Just you and the wildlife sailing Antigua’s North Sound

Antigua's beautiful North Sound - a haven for Horizon's sailors.

Antigua’s beautiful North Sound – a haven for Horizon’s sailors.


One of the many uninhabited islands in the North Sound, Antigua.