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How it is; sailing Antigua and beyond…. warts and all.

We asked our kind Lagoon 440 catamaran owners – Dave and Julie Macpherson from the US – to write a short piece about sailing Antigua and beyond.  Well, they did offer to help 🙂

This was due to the overwhelming number of calls I have been getting in Antigua asking me “what’s it like there?”.  Obviously this is a reaction to Hurricane Irma devastating their most popular cruising ground of BVI.  We are taking many new bookings and we are looking forward to sharing this amazing cruising ground with so many newbies.  If you get a moment, have a read, it’s written with an American accent, what can I say?!

Beach umbrella in Antigua

Antigua’s stunning cruising area.

Chartering in Antigua by Dave and Julie Macpherson