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Sail in the slow lane – turn off the TV and step away from the laptop.

When I first arrived in Antigua back in 2003, we absolutely refused to have a television (I think I’m showing my age by calling it a television as opposed to a TV!).  Having spent 30 years working in London the very thought of transferring that lifestyle to an island as beautiful as Antigua in the Caribbean was fairly appalling.  Nearly 10 years on, and now the proud owners of a flat screen TV, it pretty much stays off apart from turning on from time to time to get a healthy reminder why we live here; deep in the heart of the Leeward Islands.

It is easy to forget about the real world but it’s absolutely crucial to remember for the purpose of understanding what your sailing guests are experiencing day to day.  As I sit in our Horizon office in Jolly Harbour Marina, my view is a lush, green palm tree and some pretty tropical flowers.  I remember being very excited about moving to a new office in a smart part of London where my view was the back of the company restaurant and the garbage bins!

Tropical flowers make a delightful view in the Marina

It’s at this time of year that I used to be most miserable back in the UK.  I was forever lamenting the end of summer (and the sailing season) and dreading the first Christmas/Holiday advertisements.  It almost seemed downhill until Spring-time when boats would be launched and the first daffodils popped through the frosty ground.  To be cruising on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day is such a treat and a sure way to make all your shivering friends jealous back home.

Sailing Antigua for Christmas – such a treat

The real world is such a hectic place; rushing from kids school to grocery shopping and all stops in between.  That’s why you need time to recharge your batteries and breathe some fresh air.  Sailing the Caribbean – either on a bareboat charter or taking professional crew with you – is the perfect place to do this.

Couple this with some excellent sailing conditions and you have a charter vacation made in heaven.

Typically, from November to April in Antigua, we have breeze of 15 – 20 knots and very little tide to speak of.  Sea conditions tend to be around 5 – 7 feet with a long period between waves as opposed to short chop that you might be used to.

A cruising vacation is the perfect way to reward yourself for all of your hard work throughout the year.  The island of Antigua is full of delightful bays and coves – just a day or less sail away – that are perfect snorkelling spots and swimming spots (no excuse for not exercising on your trip!).  Dinghy ashore and tie up to the nearest palm tree and enjoy a well deserved cocktail as the sun dips.

Antigua offers you the perfect reward for your hard work

When you are sailing a group of islands as rich in heritage, people and experiences as you could hope for, there’s no need for TV or being attached to the laptop as if your life depended it.  You have your very own movie theater right there in front of you.  A great shot below shared by a lovely family who have chartered with us each year for as long as I can remember.

Now showing in Antigua – cruising heaven!
If you want to experience what’s showing at Antigua’s natural movie theater, give us a call or email [email protected]