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One-stop shop for the start of your charter in Antigua

When you’ve finally managed to leave the office, pack some T Shirts in your sail bag, head to the airport and get yourself finally to Antigua and the start of a great sailing vacation, it’s nice to arrive at a resort-style marina where everything you need for your trip and your well-being, is within walking distance.  Our base office is conveniently located water-side in Jolly Harbour Marina.  A 20 – 25 minute taxi ride will have our guests standing in our office getting briefed on everything from the best Happy Hour happenings to the customs office.

Horizon Yacht Charters Antigua office in Jolly Harbour Marina

Port and Starboard potted palms!

Jolly Harbour Marina is home to our Horizon Yacht Charters Antigua base; a 300 acre resort marina complete with swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course, gym, beaches and stores and supermarket.  We have a great range of restaurants to choose from for your first night dinner or somewhere to grab a coffee and a croissant.  Cuisine ranges from Caribbean to Greek to Italian.  Some restaurants have live music on certain nights and some also have special evenings such as 2 for 1 pizza, or Roast Beef Monday’s!

There’s a few bars to choose from too:  West Point Bar on the waterfront, De Underdog and Castaway’s on the beach.  Each one has a tempting array of cocktails to finally convince you and your crew that you’ve arrived in the Caribbean!  The Jolly Harbour Yacht Club meets every Thursday in the bars so that’s a great way to meet new people and relax chatting about the sailing area.

When you are ready to get down to the serious business or provisioning, or topping up the provisioning that we have already stowed on board for you, head over to The Epicurean supermarket – just a two minute walk from your boat.  A huge selection of dry/canned goods, meats, fish, beers, wine and spirits… and even an Asian takeaway counter!  The helpers in the store will pack your bags for you, load them up onto their own carts and wheel the goods with you to the boat.  What could be simpler?!  The store is open from 7am to 9pm every day.

Jolly Harbour Marina swimming pool close to our base office.

Jolly Harbour Marina swimming pool close to our base office.

For those sailors looking to clear customs and go island-hopping, the Customs, Port Authority and Immigration offices are conveniently located just a short walk around the dock.  Remember to take your boat papers and your crew passports.  We can assist by entering the crew details into the eSeaclear system.

If you at all daunted about the style of docking at our base location, do not worry!  We are here to take you out of the slip and also bring you back.  We understand that it can be nerve-wracking getting into a boat that you have never sailed to start with; having to manoeuvre the boat out of a tight spot is not always what you need on day 1 of your sailing vacation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our super base location in Antigua!

Horizon Antigua's fleet on B Dock in Jolly Harbour Marina

Horizon Antigua’s fleet on B Dock in Jolly Harbour Marina

Epicurean's well stocked shelves - great for provisioning.

Epicurean’s well stocked shelves – great for provisioning.