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A new marine park for Antigua and our chosen charity for 2018


There is a team of four guys from the tiny Caribbean island of Antigua currently rowing the Atlantic Ocean in order to raise money for the development of a brand new marine park in Antigua.  They have been at sea for 22 days as of today!

The row itself is dubbed “the world’s toughest row” by its sponsor of many-years, Talisker Whiskey.  The distance to row is around 3,000 miles start to finish, non-stop, and around 25 teams are taking part; some singles, some all-female teams and some two’s and four’s – all ages, all nationalities.  They row from La Gomera across to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua and have to be completely self-sufficient on the trip.

Team Antigua is rowing to raise money to create a unique and lasting marine park in Antigua.  The captain of Team Antigua, Eli Fuller, is a water baby at heart and is passionate about the marine environment.  The rest of his team are equally at home on the water; having grown up in, on and under the water.  I would not be surprised if they have webbed feet; after rowing 3,000 miles in a small row boat with huge waves crashing over them, they probably have now!

The marine park will be a wonderful environment for coral, turtles and humans alike to thrive in this protected zone.

Eli’s master plan is to have scuba and snorkel moorings, labelled trails, a ‘no anchor’ turtle foraging zone and coral farming.  The possibilities are endless and will firmly put Antigua on the map as having an environmental conscience.  It is also a first, I believe, for Antigua & Barbuda.

This is a very young Eli – shown left.  A wonderful example to us all to do something to support this fragile place we call earth.

When you charter with us, you have the choice to be part of this amazing vision and hugely important project.  A donation of just US$10 will quickly add up and maybe we’ll even have moorings named after us if we ask nicely!  Just remember to circle the box on your Charter Contract before sending back.

If we all do our little bit, the ocean, and all it’s inhabitants, will be a happier place; not just for us, but for generations of sailors and water-babies to come.

This will be our chosen charity in Antigua for 2018.