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New catamaran ready for your Antigua sailing vacation

What better way to cruise Antigua and our neighbouring Caribbean islands than on our Lagoon 450 catamaran?  “Fader’s Watch”  is now in our fleet and keen sailors are already making their new season reservations onboard this pristine catamaran.

There are so many beautiful places to visit but why not consider your next trip sailing south from Antigua to the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.  Arrive in Deshaies (your first port of call) in comfort and style.  Get ready to ‘star-spot’ as this is where they film the popular British drama series “Death in Paradise”.  You can read more about this wonderful trip right here.

We particularly like the cluster of small, French islands called Iles des Saintes.  They sit just south of Guadeloupe and offer a unique experience to potter around these ‘traffic-free’ islands; taking in the French cafe’s, places to buy fresh baguettes and maybe take a Green buggy up to the wonderful fort that has views all around.

Lagoon 450 Fader's Watch sailing the Caribbean

Lagoon 450 “Fader’s Watch”


Fader’s Watch layout is ideal for up to 4 couples and you also have a single berth if you wanted to sit back and let your Captain take control of the wheel whilst you enjoy the stunning view of the Caribbean as you sail to a different anchorage each day.

Lagoon 450 interior layout







This Lagoon 450 is now available for reservations.  See you in paradise soon!