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Life’s a sunset… when sailing Antigua

Hazy conditions create interesting photographs

I think I am addicted to sunsets.  Since living in Antigua, I think I’ve taken more pictures of sunsets than you can shake a stick at.  I wonder what it is about sunsets that are so compelling?

Many of our sailing guests comment that it’s like a punctuation mark after a great day of sailing and before the cocktails are made!  Now, that’s what I call a great sailing vacation!  Others say that it’s like a  new day is coming and there is hope to achieve what you want.

When you sail with us, or take a learn to sail course, it is likely that you will see plenty of sunsets from the west coast anchorages, but you will experience a different angle from the top of Shirley Heights, for example.  For those cruisers who are not familiar with Antigua, Shirley Heights is the weekly jump-up overlooking English Harbour and beyond.  It’s a great tradition here on Antigua and one that should not be missed.  Enjoy a brilliant steel band who will play anything from jazz, to modern to classical on their steel pans.  The rum punch is not bad either!  The trick is to get there before sunset!

Sunset from Shirley Heights, Antigua

From the west coast of Antigua, you might be anchored at an overnight anchorage at Hermitage Bay.  This is an excellent anchorage for sunsets (and swimming, cocktails, beach combing….).  This sunset below was taken from the south beach on Morris Bay just along the coast from Hermitage Bay.

Sunset from South Beach, Antigua

Sunset is also a time for romance!.  We were sent these two brilliant photographs by charter guests this past season.

Special time at sunset, Antigua
View from a guests’ charter yacht – happy sailing vacation!

Last night, we were asked by friends on their charter yacht “Jabberwocky”, to take their photograph at sunset.  At this time of year, with some Sahara dust in the air and low clouds, you are never quite sure what effect you are going to get.

Jabberwocky charter yacht sailing back into harbour

I think the one thing that sunsets do is to make you appreciate the beauty around you.  We are certainly blessed to be able to see so many shapes and colours of sunsets in our back yard.  Next time you come bareboat sailing or crewed sailing with us in Antigua, take a pic and we’ll compare notes!

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