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Life in the slow lane… Antigua is calling your name.

When you need a bit of a retreat from you real world, a cheeky week of sailing in Antigua could be just the escape you need. Sailing is a great hobby to have that takes you away from worrying about this and that.  

Stunning scenery sailing Antigua & Barbuda

Firstly, you are on the ocean – can anyone reach you?!  Even if they can, it’s a great excuse to turn off data roaming!  The fact that we give you a local phone for your trip is entirely your business!

Secondly, you are having to concentrate on wind direction, reefs, other boats, unruly crew members – who then has time to think about the next management meeting, did you leave the iron on and other regular life issues?  

You do need to be a fairly good navigator to sail Antigua and Barbuda; there is reef that is marked on the charts (we give you Imray Charts for the duration of your trip) but not marked on the water – so concentration is key! We also give you a one to one chart briefing and help you with your itinerary planning; looking at the weather forecast etc.  

Thirdly, when you have such natural beauty around you – the ocean, the beaches, the palm trees, the goats, it immerses you in a bubble of paradise.  We like to think of it as being off duty and devoting some time to your well being.  

So, when are you coming?  

Enjoying the Antigua tradewinds
Can you hear me now?!