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Kids and Sailing vacations – like peanut butter and jelly in Antigua.

Where do you take the kids on their next vacation?  You only have to look at these pictures of kids having the best time and you know that Antigua offers so much for family sailing; for you and them. With water temperature at a lovely 26 degrees, and all day air temperatures not dropping below 27 or so, your kid’s days will be filled with fun and warmth (don’t forget the Factor 50!). The west coast of Antigua offers protected bay hopping with beautiful white sand beaches waiting to be explored.  

Connie Smith – only happy when splashing in the sea!

You know how kids can be; hungry one minute, refusing to eat the next.  Sometimes quite tricky when you are staying in a hotel and you can see your holiday dollars disappearing fast!  A sailing holiday is different; you provision the boat, decide what to cook and when, and your kids can eat when they are hungry.  Trust us though; if they are out on the water all day, jumping off the boat, splashing on the beach, they may eat you out of house and boat!

Harry learning to jump into the deep blue!
We love this shot of Harry jumping from our Lagoon 440.  He’s a great swimmer and loves everything to do with water.  Can you imagine how early they’ll be in bed after all of this energetic activity?!  It’s not just about the water and sailing, take them on an island tour with a bit of horse riding thrown in, or take them zip lining through the lush rain forest – as long as they are active, they’ll be happy!
Quality time with your kids.
That’s not to say you don’t deserve the best time, too!  After all, you’ve handled all of the reservation, packed their favourite toys, kept the kids quiet on the flight, put the dog into kennels and you are exhausted!  Well, imagine yourself with a glass of wine looking at this view!  Enjoy the quiet because next day, you’ll be sailing to your next anchorage (a short hop along the coast to keep the kids interested) and you can start all over again.  

Pour a glass of wine, mix a cocktail and relax!