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Fully Crewed Itinerary

Crewed sailing itinerary Day 1

You’ve jumped on board your very own beautiful yacht and you would like nothing more than a relaxing sail on the first day of your Crewed sailing itinerary! Let our experienced crew sail you south to the beautiful Carlisle Bay. This spot is ideal for snorkeling and kayaking, or if you prefer a relaxing spa treatment then this place is perfect. They offer facials, massages and scrubs as well as a gym, hair and beauty salon and a sauna! This is the perfect location to watch Antigua’s beautiful sunset whilst enjoying a wonderful dinner under the stars.Crewed sailing itinerary

Day 2

Now you are starting to settle in to life on board; your next anchorage is English Harbour.  This historic harbour is beautiful and a wonder to see. You can either anchor in the bay or if you prefer you can also dock in their Marina and enjoy the beaches. You also have the option to take an historic wander around the 18th century dockyard and see where Lord Nelson kept his fleet.  Take a 15 minute taxi ride to experience spectacular views and enjoy the steel band drums whilst watching the sunset at the Thursday and Sunday jump-up.

Day 3

After waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and eating a delicious breakfast, you are ready to set sail to Deep Bay. Now you can have the chance at being Robinson Crusoe and setting anchor in a sheltered bay which offers a fantastic wreck to snorkel on.  Your crew will take you to the wreck in your dinghy; jump in and explore the underwater world whilst your scrumptious lunch is being prepared on board. Deep Bay also boasts the perfect beach to wander along during the ‘golden’ hour at sunset – the perfect romantic getaway. Whilst you are beachcombing, your crew will be preparing your sunset canapés and cocktails. Wash the sand from your feet and enjoy your delicious dinner whilst keeping a close eye out for that special green flash on the horizon.

Day 4

Sailing to Dickenson Bay is just a short hop along the coast.  Here you can enjoy a range of watersports, such as waterskiing, jet skiing or you could even try your balance on the paddleboard which is awaiting you on the foredeck.

Day 5

Today is the perfect day to sail to Antigua’s sister island of Barbuda. Your experienced Captain will take the helm and sail you on a relaxing 5/6 hour journey to Antigua’s beautiful sister island Barbuda. Here you can find pink sandy beaches, the Caribbean’s largest frigate bird sanctuary and endless amounts of snorkeling spots. Low Bay on the West coast is where you will find the softest, pink sand beaches, perfect for beachcombing. This spot is also where your crew will take you to if you wish to visit the frigate bird sanctuary. Here you will meet George Jeffrey who will be your tour guide and will happily escort you on any excursions you wish to take. Once you have snorkeled, explored and relaxed the day away you can return to the boat and enjoy canapés, a freshly cooked dinner (which may include freshly caught lobster for your entrees) and a beautiful sunset to watch whilst wondering about the next day’s adventures!

Day 6

Relax, put your feet up and let the crew take good care of you. Possibly take the paddleboards out for a tranquil paddle. To end your last night in Barbuda have the crew set up a relaxing BBQ on the beach for dinner. Enjoy a glorious dinner of refreshing salads, fresh fish and vegetables and perhaps a scrumptious treat for desert whilst dipping your toes in the sand and watching those beautiful gradient colors light up the sky.

Day 7

Today is the glorious sail back to Antigua so sit back and relax whilst keeping a sharp eye out for turtles, dolphins or even the odd whale! Your crew will sail you to a quaint little island called Green Island. Here you will find little beaches to discover, as well as some of Antigua’s best snorkeling spots. Here you can also try your hand at kite-boarding.  From novice to experienced boarder, they have the perfect equipment.

Day 8

There are 365 beaches to discover on Antigua & Barbuda.  One of the most perfect beaches is called Pinching Bay which is only accessible by boat so you will more than likely be the only people there.  Your Captain will sail you here just after your tea and croissants so you can spend the day up on the foredeck with a chilled beverage or perhaps cast your lines and wait anxiously for that nibble from a Mahi Mahi.  With the rock pools on the shore, caves around the edge of the bay and snorkeling everywhere it is the perfect combination of a relaxed day.

Day 9

Today is the perfect way to start to wind down your vacation!  Anchor off Darkwood Beach, which offers crystal clear waters, a floating adventure park and the perfect all around horizon view. This beach is great for stretching those legs and enjoying a delightful swim up and down the bay whilst searching for the local stingray which occasionally swims up and down the shore. After a glorious day of R&R, swimming and exploring your Captain will sail you into Jolly Harbor for the night to anchor in the sheltered bay and watch the pelicans circle Five Islands and dive the sea for their dinners! You can also turtle watch from here and every now and then you might spot the local Jolly Harbor dolphin who goes in for his dinner!

Day 10

After your pancakes, fresh local fruit and coffee the Captain will haul up the anchor and sail you back into Jolly Harbor where the Horizon team will be keen to hear all about your Crewed sailing itinerary adventures!

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