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Horizon Antigua T Shirts – the Holidays are over but the gifts keep coming.

It’s always nice to get presents, don’t you think; and to have a keepsake from your trip. With the Holidays just over and everyone heading back to work, packing kids off to college or digging your car out of the snow, we’d like to offer a small token of our appreciation to our Captains who will be chartering with us this March.  Don’t ask us why March, we just picked that month at random!

For every charter start we will be presenting each Captain with a Horizon Antigua T Shirt as a ‘thank you’ for chartering with us.

West Coast of Antigua sunset

We can’t promise you sunsets like this when you get home, but we hope the memories that you take with you will keep you warm throughout the Winter months.

Remember for the month of June 2012, we are offering our charter guests a special promotion of 10 nights for the price of 7 nights.  Which means you get to see more sunsets!  You can keep up to date with sailing offers on our website. Horizon Antigua Special offers