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Hiking boots; essential clothing for your next sailing trip.

When someone told me to bring my hiking books on my next sailing trip I thought they were joking!  Until I stepped onto the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Colourful flowers of Dominica

Colourful flowers of Dominica

Dominica is a lush, volcanic island and lies due south of Antigua and the French island of Guadeloupe.  We offer the one way charter from Antigua to Dominica from our Horizon base in Antigua; ideal for nature lovers and for those looking to get off the grid for a while.

When you arrive in Dominica you will clear in to customs in the town of Portsmouth on the North west coast.  A magical trip to take right there is the guided tour of the Indian River.  To do this, just dinghy to the mouth of the river and find one of the many willing Indian River guides who will take you on a 2 hour trip into a mystical world of lush trees that hug the river bank with their gnarly roots, an abundance of wildlife but overall…. tranquility.

Bubbling river surrounded by trees in Antigua

Beautiful and tranquil scenery on the Caribbean island of Dominica

Also from Portsmouth, take a tour inland to the Emerald Pool.  The Emerald Pool is in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It’s about a half mile hike along some flat-ish terrain (hiking boots would help here as the roots of the trees cross your path!). When you get there, step right in.  Remember to take a towel and your swimming things.  A waterfall tumbles down the rocks behind you creating a very special and peaceful haven.  The water is not so cold!

Waterfall in Dominica and the Emerald Pool

The waterfall-fed Emerald Pool in Dominica

Roots of a tree in Dominica's rainforest

Roots of a tree in Dominica’s rainforest

Dominica is truly a magical island to explore.  Combine this with the sailing from Antigua via Guadeloupe, and you have a unique, Caribbean sailing experience – ideal for all ages.