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Getting the kids afloat in Antigua – vacation made easy.

Family time afloat

Getting the kids afloat is a great way to spend quality, family time together.  There’s always something to do – whether it’s something around the boat that they are learning, or simply spending time in the water; enjoying the swimming, learning to snorkel or kayaking.

Where we are based in Jolly Harbour Marina, you have access to a wonderful swimming pool and our docks are just a short walk to the beach which has its own beach-front restaurant.  Ideal for kids with endless energy!

Where else can the kids see wildlife playing in front of their very eyes.  There’s nothing better than seeing the kids faces as they watch dolphins playing along the hull of the boat.  Or seeing an Eagle Ray for the very first time.

Antigua offers the perfect destination for kids of all ages.  On the west coast you can sail short hops to different anchorages each day; finding secluded beaches to dinghy to and build sandcastles or collect shells.

Kids will enjoy making their own pictures out of shells

The anchorages are also uncrowded; so you won’t be getting stressed fighting for a mooring or having to leave by a certain time to reach the last mooring ball in the bay.

The water is always warm and there’s a lovely breeze to keep you cool in the evenings.  Hammocks are a fun way to get the kids afloat – which kid would not love to sleep in a hammock while you are enjoying some adult time with a cocktail?

Hammocks add to the fun of the sailing!

Kids of all ages are adaptable and will take to life afloat very quickly.  If they are very keen to learn to sail, why not enroll them into the National Sailing Academy clubs here on Antigua for a dinghy lesson?  The Instructors have huge amounts of experience teaching kids to sail and keeping it fun – ideal age 8 years+.

Just being in and around boats is enough for most kids to pick up key skills that will serve them well if they want to continue their sailing later in life.  It’s amazing to see how well kids adapt to life afloat just by spending time on board and watching what other people do.

Uncrowded anchorages are ideal for kids to enjoy the water

Next time you are considering where to take the family on vacation, consider a holiday afloat that will keep everyone happy.