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Follow the herd; and then sail Antigua & Barbuda

There’s something magical about being at an anchorage with just you, a good book and the lapping of the water on the side of the hull.  For many, the lure of the beach bars is a thing of the past as they are increasingly finding that a little bit of peace and quiet is good for the soul.

There are so many hidden gems like that when you sail Antigua & Barbuda that it’s hard to know where to start.  For me, Great Bird Island in the North Sound is a special place.  I love watching the birds fishing and the wading birds standing like statues pretending to be invisible to their prey.

Where is everybody?  North Sound Antigua and a myriad of offshore island to explore.  

For the perfect sailing vacation, a trip around the south west and south east of Antigua should not be missed.  Many people are surprised how long it takes to sail along the interesting coastline of Antigua and enjoy the change of pace from cove to cove.  For some reason the perception is that Antigua is a much smaller island than it actually is!

A beautiful spot on the east coast of Antigua is Nonsuch Bay and Green Island.  Green Island is an uninhabited island that is perfect for a beach lunch. If you have any energy, you could try your hand at kite surfing as you will be on the Atlantic side of the island with great breeze but perfectly protected by the reef.

Nonsuch Bay, east coast of Antigua – home to Green Island

From Nonsuch Bay, you head out the way you went in and sail north up to Barbuda.  Call ahead to Uncle Roddy to make sure he has plenty of fresh lobster to serve you when you arrive.  That and a cold beer to stay hydrated!

Uncle Roddy preparing delicious lobster lunch
Low Bay, Barbuda – 11 miles of paradise awaits

When you sail Antigua & Barbuda you certainly feel like you are part of something special.  You’ll be mixing with the locals and learning more about their culture and way of life.  I think that’s what travel is all about; that and getting away from the herd.

Follow your own herd and sail Antigua & Barbuda.  We have a last minute yacht open for a Thanksgiving Week sailing charter so do get in touch.

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