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First time sailing charterers with Horizon Yacht Charters in Antigua?

It’s always exciting sailing from a new Caribbean island but there’s also some apprehension about what will happen when you arrive. “Where will we eat?”,  “What are the facilities like?”, “Is it a good start point for my cruise”.  Our base in Antigua is a brilliant place to start your cruise!

I thought I’d put together a mini-Guide that highlights what you can expect when you charter with Horizon Yacht Charters in Antigua.  Your first night!

Well firstly, we are located at Jolly Harbour Marina on the west coast of Antigua.  It’s a 300 acre marina surrounded by waterfront Condos and small canals full of privately owned motor boats and sailing yachts.  Here’s an aerial view of the entire development.  Just as an aside, if you stay in one of the 2 bedroom, waterfront condos through JoAnn of “Keeper of the Keys” do book a golf cart because you could be way around on the north side of the Marina and it’s a long walk to get back to our office for your check-out.

Jolly Harbour Marina excluding the golf course and pool.

As you can see from the pic above, there are four distinct docks.  Horizon is located on Dock B; second dock from the left on the left hand side. Our fleet is located right there.  Our office is located behind Melini’s waterfront restaurant.  As you depart the taxi, just turn along the covered walkway to the left and our office is just 1 minute walk along on the left.

Horizon Yacht Charters has two offices here in the Marina

There are some great places to eat in the Marina; so if you are here for your first night, there is lots of choice. Here’s just a selection:

Melini’s Restaurant – Italian and International Cuisine – Located at the head of your dock, this well-established restaurant has a wide selection of fish specials, pasta dishes and pizza.  Remember you can get everything to go, so if you want to eat on board under the stars, just get the order to go. While you are waiting, enjoy a cocktail at the bar with Barman Romeo; he can make anything!  If you buy a drink, you can get wi-fi too.

Melini’s Restaurant and Bar

There are four other restaurants right here in the Marina; Peter’s Steak and Seafood BBQ, The Dogwatch Tavern, The Crow’s Nest and Al Porto.  Al Porto is a short walk around the dock and is located next to Customs office.  A great place to enjoy live music on Thursdays, 2 for 1 pizza on Tuesday and complementary desert served to Horizon guests!  The Crow’s Nest is also open for breakfast from 7.30am and also lunch.  They are located alongside the pool.

If you are looking for something a little different; you can try the Greek restaurant just outside of the Marina gate. This is a family run restaurant where the mother cooks in the kitchen (lamb shank, souvlaki, home made hummus) and the son serves at your table.  The name is “Akropilis”.

If you are want a vacation away from the stove and don’t want to cook breakfast the following morning, say hi to Terry in Starfish Coffee Shop and, as an ex-chef in the Royal Airforce, he’ll make sure you’re full of all yummy things before you set sail.  Terry is also good for local knowledge (and gossip) so plan for a large coffee as he likes to chat!  Wife available too.

For Happy Hour, try Dogwatch Tavern, Crow’s Nest and the West Point Bar in the heart of the Marina.  West Point is owned by Dutch George, you’ll enjoy a great view of your boat and a cold beer.

West Point Bar

Speaking of beer, the local beer is called Carib and Wadadli.  I only say this because you can sometimes buy it in a bucket at Dogwatch for a great price.

For those guests with more energy, you can take a walk to Castaway’s Bar and Restaurant right on the beach.  This bar has a loyal, happy hour crowd and is a great venue for watching the sun set.  We took these pics a few weeks ago:

Stunning sunsets from the beach that is 5 minutes away

The supermarket “Epicurean” is very large and is located 1 minute walk from our dock.  The staff help you with packing and will then bring your cart to the dock with you.  Give them EC$5 or US$2 per cart. Epicurean is open from 8am to 8pm every day; fresh baguettes made daily.  Ice available at check out.  Of course, we offer a full provisioning service so that you can just turn up, check your items, and get on with the business of having a great sailing vacation.  Remember that we include a Welcome Starter Kit including a nice bottle of Cavalier Rum… see more of what we include for you here.

There is also a well stocked pharmacy that pretty much sells everything from painkillers to tennis balls.  Miss Warner is the charming owner and will help you.  Onsite pharmacist most days.

Quin Farara’s is the liquor store just behind our office.  They sell cigars and also a great selection of rums.  They also sell Saki if that tickles your tastebuds!

This should give you a taste of what to expect when you arrive for your charter.  For the best views of the Marina, take a look at this great website that has an interactive map of all the stores and places to eat:

If you are chartering with us out of Antigua, and have any questions, please just email us and we’ll be delighted to help.  [email protected]