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Dr Who’s time machine spotted in Antigua?

Stuart and Dianne are the owners of a Bavaria 40 in our Antigua charter fleet.  A great couple, they really epitomize the idea that you can own your own boat in the Caribbean even if you don’t live here year-round. Here’s what Dianne has to say about her yacht ownership experience in Antigua.
“We live just outside Toronto, Canada.  Our sailing season is short here (May – October) and we have strong winds early and late in the season with the odd interesting summer storm with STRONG winds! We have owned our own yacht up here for 6 years , starting with a DS22, evolving through a C&C 30 and we currently have a Beneteau 350.

We decided to buy our Bavaria 40 partly because Horizon offered a great deal, and we also liked the layout and our experiences with Horizon in Antigua.  The name of our yacht is TARDIS! 
Dr Who’s time machine was called Tardis which stood for Time and Relative Dimensions In Space. In other words, when you went inside Tardis it was much bigger than it appeared on the outside. Couple that with visiting the Islands being like a trip back in time and you have it.
Our favourite anchorages in Antigua & Barbuda are the south shore of Barbuda – this is our absolute favourite – but we also enjoy English and Falmouth Harbors as well as Deep Bay and Nonsuch Bay.
We sail together as husband and wife on board Tardis.  To do this successfully you need a boat that has enough space to get away from each other when the need arises without being too big. Also patience is a prerequisite as each has their own learning curve and different levels of comfort.
Our long term sailing plans are to spend a minimum of 5-6 months of winter aboard Tardis starting in 3 or 4 years. A longer cruise has also been discussed but as yet nothing firm. When we are back home the biggest thing we miss about sailing the Caribbean is the sun, the people, the ocean and Ting”.