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Bucking the trend – sailing Antigua & Barbuda

It has been such a busy high season in Antigua that is always comes as a shock when Antigua Sailing Week is over and many of the larger charter and private yachts depart for the States, the UK or to charter in the Med for their summer season.

The stunning North Sound area of Antigua

But the action in Antigua lives on – if you choose to find it.

We tend to attract the more ‘independent’ traveler or sailor at this time of year; people who like to buck the trend and not sail when everyone else is here!  Sailors who love getting to know the island and the people at it’s most peaceful time.  When we do our charter check-ins and I’m talking about all of our brilliant contacts in Barbuda, they are always impressed that they could go and sit on Aunt So and So’s veranda and be served fresh fish with rice and beans; all washed down with ‘plenty rum’!

This weekend we have the Fishing Tournament.  We went along last year for the weigh-in and there were some pretty impressive fish up there on the scales.  The best bit is getting to eat it at one of many fish stands in Nelson’s Dockyard.

One happy fisherman!

At this time of year the sun sets much later so you have more time for swimming after a day at your desk.  Or if you’re on a sailing charter, that’s more time to mix those cocktails and enjoy the perfect sundowner.

For many of our guests, they choose to sail in June because they can be at an anchorage with perhaps just one other boat.  The shot below is Low Bay in Barbuda but many of the anchorages in Antigua are also this peaceful at this time of year.  What a fantastic place to escape to!

Low Bay in Barbuda – pink sand at sunset

Of course, the other benefit of sailing after the busy high season is the pricing.  For example, we have our last minute sailing offers now on our website.  We’re offering 10 nights for the price of 7 in June or 15% off 7 nights minimum.  Take a look at our current fleet selection showing the pricing before the special promotion:

For many of our bareboat guests, the sail down to Guadeloupe is a great attraction.  In fact, with more time, many of our guests sail further south to Iles de Saintes and even Dominica.  Take yourself away from your desk for a while and have a read of our sample itineraries.

As I write this, I am looking at the perfect sailing day through my window – can just about hear the seagulls as they beat the head of the nearest pelican trying to retrieve their well earned fish…. life in Antigua… it is good.

Ready to buck the trend and sail Antigua & Barbuda this Summer?  See you here!

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