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Barbuda sailing adventure – part 2

Now, where were we?

Oh yes, avoiding wild donkeys and horses on Barbuda’s unspoilt land.  Having bounced along to Cocopoint over the roughty toughty roads to see a handful of sailing yachts anchored at this idyllic anchorage, we next decided to take a drive to the even quieter (can this island get any more peaceful?!) north side of Barbuda and the caves.  The photo below was taken from our tiny plane (just in case you thought we were hang-gliding).  It’s a little far away to see the handful of boats anchored but trust me, there were three or four there.

Aerial view of Cocopoint anchorage on Barbuda - sailing from Horizon in Antigua

The gentle curve is the anchorage at Cocopoint. Just beautiful.  You can just about make out Uncle Roddy’s lobster place in the middle of the photograph.

Meeting a wild horse when sailing in Barbuda with Horizon Antigua

This wild horse showed us his best side.

We didn’t meet one other vehicle on the road which some of you City dwellers will appreciate.  If you recall, there’s only one road, but on a Sunday there’s not so much going on.  So off we set feeling even more adventurous and intrepid.  With the windows down you can smell a very distinctive smell – Al said he smelt it in Australia when he was backpacking 40 years ago.  I think that was something else entirely, but who am I to judge?!  I think it’s a mix of the salty ocean and the bushes, with a bit of horse manure thrown in for good measure.

The smell got stronger as we got closer to our final destination – Barbuda’s caves.

The entrance to the caves on Barbuda

The interesting colours of the caves in Barbuda as the bright sunshine hits various parts of them – you can just climb up to this point if you are not feeling energetic; others can carry on to the light.  Below you will see the view from the other side.  You can see the waves crashing on the shore.  The seas were relatively calm but I can imagine this gets quite exciting if there’s a storm approaching.


There were also some interesting ruins to scramble around.  I wonder what their history is?  I must try and find out by asking Reg Murphy here on Antigua – he is all things historical and archaeological.

Barbuda ruins.

Sailing with Horizon in Antigua and exploring the ruins on Barbuda’s north side.

Now, as you can tell form the pics, the sun was high in the sky and we were drinking water like thirsty people; so we decided to head back to our rental car and make our way back into the hustle and bustle (well, compared to zero people, Codrington has some bustle going on) of Codrington.  The Green Door Tavern is quite famous on Barbuda – many of our guests have spent many a drunken night in here – no names!  Their recollections are a little sketchy so we just fortified ourselves with one small Carib and headed back to our guest house. All in all, a great day.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Tune in next time.

Low key nightlife in Barbuda