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Antigua and some Learn to Sail questions

Learning to sail in Antigua can be a big step so it pays to do your homework before you commit. But how do you know which questions to ask?

Here are some tips for the novice sailors…

Firstly, are you interested in a live aboard sailing course?  This means that you spend a week, or however long you have booked, living onboard that particular yacht… This means sleeping, cooking and cruising.  This is fun because you get to see a broader range of places on your trip; you will never visit the same place twice. This is life afloat!

Learn to sail in Antigua… Unspoilt paradise.

Secondly, is it a group course where you will be with other students or will you have the boat to yourself (and your friends) for one to one instruction?  A group course can work out very cost effective but you have no control over your fellow ship mates!

Finally, what kind of learn to sail certification will you get at the end of your successful week or ten days?  Is certification important to you or would you be happy with a less structured week with your own Instructor and no certification at the end of it… More of a “discover sailing” adventure?

These are just a few of the questions that you may wish to ask yourself before committing to a learn to sail course.  Surprises can be fun but a little bit of homework will ensure that your first learn to sail experience is a positive one and the only surprises are the stunning sunsets and anchorages of your chosen Caribbean destination!