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5 reasons to convince your partner that sailing and romance go hand in hand – bring on Valentine’s Day!

Convincing your significant other that a sailing holiday is going to rate way up there on the romantic scale just got a whole lot easier with our 5 great reasons below.  Have a read; you’ll thank us for it later.  

Great reason #1:

365 white sand beaches to stretch out on without another soul around.  What could be more romantic than your own secret beach hideaway?  Drop the hook and dive right in (first checking that your anchor is secure, of course!).  Nobody around to view your latest Speedo selection as you take that romantic beach stroll hand in hand, or having to breathe in as you walk by other beach dwellers.

Where is everybody?  Your own romantic hideaway awaits.

Great reason $2:

Sunsets bring out your inner romantic!  There’s something special about sitting side by side on the back of the boat watching the sun dip below the horizon; even better if you have a glass of something nice in hand.  After a lovely day on the water in the bright sunshine, it’s nice to feel the heat of the day leaving – let the evening begin.

Release your inner romantic in Antigua.

Great reason #3:

Sailing makes you hungry – fact – perhaps it is the salty air, the Caribbean breeze; or the fact that you forgot to provision enough crackers before you set sail.  So where better to treat your lovely to a romantic dinner than a waterfront restaurant in Antigua.  Now this is really piling on the romantic points – The Pillars Restaurant based in historic Nelson’s Dockyard is shown below.  Anchor in the Harbour and dinghy in to enjoy fine food, a little wine and an amazing view.

One of the many waterfront restaurants around Antigua.

Great reason #4:

Beautiful boats, designed with the two of you in mind, abound in our Antigua charter fleet.  From our perfectly formed Bavaria 33 to our sprightly Jeanneau 36i’s – all calling out to be included in a romantic sailing adventure.

Horizon’s Antigua fleet has small but perfectly formed boats. 

Great reason #5:

It’s no coincidence that Antigua hosts the Jolly Harbour Valentine’s Day Regatta.  Fun days on the water and evenings full of parties and bonhomie!  We’re not suggesting you do any racing; that would certainly take some of the romance out of your sails, but it’s a great event to enjoy the spectacle, meet other sailors in the bar afterwards and dance the night away to the live music.

Just the two of you.  It’s all you need.  

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