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365 beaches, 365 sailing days!

Antigua is lucky enough to have year round sailing opportunities. Come and experience our best, most secretive months..

Chartering in Antigua in May and October is simply the best. The kids are in school, people are still at work and Antigua still has those 10-15 knot breezes inviting you to come for a sail. May and October tend to be our quieter months here in Antigua so why not steal yourselves away for a while and come and make the most of the tranquil bays, calm blue seas and gorgeous sunsets all to yourselves.

Our Bavaria 33 cruising along the coast.

Leave your hatches open and let the calm breeze cool you down or just take a dip in the deep blue. Perhaps put your snorkels on and explore the depths! Deep Bay is amazing place for snorkeling, so anchor off and swim towards the wreck at the entrance of the bay. You’ll likely be the only people there at these times of the year so why not make the most of having some alone time with the fishes! Another great advantage about coming to Antigua in May and October is there is less ground swell. So head off in your kayaks and paddleboards to explore the coast line or simply just paddle around enjoying the peace and quiet of the bay.

Our Bavaria 33 gently sailing onto the next bay

One of Antigua’s great advantages is that you are never far from another bay. Some bays are no more than an hour away from each other! After all, there are 365 beaches to discover! Slowly drift down with the breeze to the next bay to enjoy another of your very own sunsets, have a relaxed evening, light up the BBQ and enjoy a cool, refreshing drink. Perhaps you’re not gourmet chefs, or you don’t feel like lighting up the BBQ some evenings? Why not go ashore in the dinghy and have a front row seat at your favorite restaurant while there’s fewer people around.

Our Lagoon 440 peacefully anchored for the night.

Not only does Antigua have 365 beaches to discover but she also has a beautiful sister island, Barbuda. May and October are the perfect months to visit and explore this little pink beach island. Due to the calmer swells here during these months it will allow you to pull your dinghy onto the shore to walk these beautiful beaches or, perhaps visit the Frigate Bird sanctuary, eat fresh lobster, or just enjoy the views from the comfort of your cockpit!

Charter with us in Antigua and discover places only accessible by boat. Experience Antigua at her most peaceful, secretive, relaxed time of year and witness the 365 sailing days all to yourselves.